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Turn your
Website Strangers
into Clients

We do one thing and we do it really, really well.

We build A.I. Chatbots for real estate agents and brokerages, to help you turn your website traffic into real clients!

What is an A.I. Chatbot?

Great Question!

Simply put, an A.I. Chatbot is a tool that we integrate directly into your website that is trained on your brands specific information. This means that it can answer questions, book appointments, prequalify leads, and more!

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Try it out
MLS Integration in this demo is currently set up for Edmonton, Alberta, but can be set up for any city.

What does the data say?

Reduce client inquiries by up to
Website visitors convert into pre-qualified leads
Support satisfaction scores increased by 

Realtor® specific 
A.I. Chatbots

Check out this video to learn how it works

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What can they do?


Engage with Website Visitors

Increased Lead Conversion

Direct Integration with

Collect lead info and search criterias

Answer customer inquiries

Schedule calendar appointments

Get started by booking a call

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What's our story?

Agent Automation was created by Realtors® just like you. What originally started as one agent in Edmonton, playing around with A.I. to improve his real estate business, has grown into a full scale A.I. agency doing the same for other agents.


We know it works because we use the same Chatbots in our business that we recommend to yours! 

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